The Art Of Dancing

Music is all around us. Whether you are in your car on the way to work, or just waiting patiently in your dentist office, you will definitely hear a piece of music. Music is a magical thing, when our brains hear it, it sparks all kind of feelings and sensations depending on the gender. But not only that, music has also the power of making us move. A pleasant rhythm can make you move your finger or tap your feet against the floor, or it can even lift you from your seat and make you move your whole body. There is no right or wrong way to do it, it is a form of expressing your enjoyment or even expressing anger. Anyway, the truth is that dancing is pure freedom when done for yourself.

A lifestyle

Some people take it a set further and make dancing a lifestyle. These are the people known as dancers, in a professional way. Here we are talking about the beautiful ballerina swinging gracefully across the stage, or the awesome contemporary dancer that can make you cry from all the emotions that it delivers. These extraordinary people expend hundreds of hours perfecting their moves. This takes a lot of hard work and strength, but mostly a lot of heart. They train restlessly until their feats are swollen and hurt, and even then they push a little more. Because they love dancing and they pour their souls and hearts on the stage for their public. The turn dance into an art from.

No matter how old are you or where are you from, you can always enjoy dancing. Its ok to dance in your underwear in your room at 2am in the morning. It is ok to move around to your favorite song when you hear it at the market. It is ok to embrace you partner and share a loving time just swinging around. It is ok to sign your name in that dance lesson you want to do and take dancing to the next level.

Where or How?

Whatever you do it, the important thing is that it feels right to you. You may feel unsure on whether you are moving “the right way”, but there is not such a thing. Dancing, by definition, is just moving your body at the rhythm of music. It doesn’t say when, where or how. So when you hear a song that sends shivers down your spine, just close your eyes and let the music move through you.

Bossa Nova: The Origins

Picture this: You’re on a restaurant or a café, and suddenly you feel relaxed, the noise of the people talking around you ceases to exist, you’re focused on your table, your meal and the one who is making company. This can only be achieved when the restaurant plays nice ambient music, a relaxing one that lets you be at peace, of course most of similar places play Bossa Nova, the right genre to let yourself go an live the moment.

But how can a genre so calm be that good? Where did it come from? Well, keep reading to find more about the origins of Bossa Nova, a genre so good that you’ll love to listen to it even while doing your lawn care.

The Bossa Nova is one of the most popular Brazilian music genres and it’s recognized as one of the most important branches of latin jazz along afrocuban jazz. It started by mixing some of the characteristics of street samba known to be loud and joyful, but on a refined way in order to make it more calm. While refining it, some chilled harmonies came to light, even when they had a strong connection with post-war American music; the Brazilian root was the most influent factor.

One of the least expected origins of Bossa Nova lays on the Greek tragedy of Orpheus. It was 1956 when Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes worked together for the first time in order to compose the sound track of Orfeu da Conceição, an adaptation of the Greek tragedy where they come up with the theme Se todos fossem iguais a você one of the first songs that made the genre come to light.

After those releases, Rio de Janeiro came to host constant reounions of incredible composers on its neighborhoods of Copacabana and Ipanema. Among those musicians, there were Carlos Lyra, Sérgio Ricardo, Chico Feitosa and later on, João Gilberto, this last one is considered to be the most important musician in the Bossa Nova movement.

João Gilberto took part on the recording of the album Canção do amor demais, in 1958 and on that same year, he released a single that had one of the most praised classics of the album Chega da Saudade, written by Tom Jobim and Vinícius da Moraes and an original song called Bim Bom.

Some considered these themes to be out of tone for the fact that the arrangements played were too complicate to be played, other artists even used orchestras to make them, but the genre was gaining popularity. It all evolved when Juca Chaves released his theme Presidente bossa nova and the genre was named. The name became popular rapidly, not only in Brazil, but in Latin America and even the United States thanks to Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd.

Bossa Nova is the best genre to chill out to. Songs like Garota de Ipanema have appeared in many movies and series, and you’ll love to have it on your favorite playlist.

Jamaican music: the best of it

We all love music, it’s an infinite world of possibilities, rhythms and options, that is just simply impossible to do not fall in love with at least one single gender. Each single country has his own typical genders which have been part of the history and simple define their people in a very musical way. Jamaica is a country where something really peculiar happens, in a contrary way, their typical music are not a music just simple enjoyable for the Jamaican people, the rhythm, his big stars in history and the way that this type of music jumps the border barriers to make fall in love the whole world, it’s just simple lovely to watch and of course to hear.


We talk about Reggae of course, when we hear it, is just simple impossible to avoid that Jamaican flag that came to our minds, it’s simple, powerful, sticky, really deep and of course really fun, but the best way to describe the Jamaican music it’s hearing it, because of that we create a Jamaican music list, with the best of all times, so you get ready to hear about the king Bob Marley for a really long time.


This legend begun with a single man who made of this full gender as his own, Bob Marley made of this music a lifestyle, since their melody voice, to be able to separate a whole war just simple in a middle of concert, this man it’s a national hero and pride for every single Jamaican around the world. I shot the sheriff is one of those songs that when you hear it eyes close, just simple imagine feel inside the story, and the history behind the lyrics is an even more amazing thing to watch, but that’s your homework.


No woman no cry, another masterpiece of him, a powerful song that remind us that it’s not important to be with someone else, just simple enjoy your happiness or when you use to have it!. One love it’s a good song, but when you realize it was capable to stop a whole haw, makes It simply historical. Marley wasn’t the only exponent of this music, we have to be grateful whit his legacy and artist like Jimmy Cliff with Many Rivers To Cross or You can Get it if you really want, Johnny Nash with I Can See Clearly Now, are amazing examples of Jamaican music.

5 Songs that will bring nice thoughts to your mind! Great vibes 2018

The music is a sublime form of art that has been with us since the very beginning of or existance, it is part of our nature, of who we are as human beings, music has been there for us for many years, filling our lives with its magic.


When we listen music we are transported to other places, other times, it can immerses us to lovely and unforgettable old stories and new ones too, the music can touch us very deep in our souls and hearts, it can change our mood and influence our emotions, in fact there is an urban legend regarding the song “Gloomy Sunday” also known as “Hungarian suicide song” because is allegedly connected to several suicides.


Music usually gives us beautiful moments, brings to us all kind of sensations to cherish, fill our minds with nice thoughts, it can transports us to our childhood or to those special moments we treasure most, it can make us feel the essence of other cultures as well, nowadays, songs can be successfully used to learn a foreign language.


Five songs with a great vibe for 2018


The next five songs are beautiful and will fill your mind with peaceful and lovely thoughts, enjoy them.


Parallel lines, this song is performed by the amazing country artist Keith Urban, this performer has given us many beautiful and romantic songs with his warm voice and now, he releases his new single, co-written by the talented and great Ed Sheeran who gave a touch of his unique style to this lovely song.


Cry Pretty, this song is performed by the charming and talented country-pop artist Carrie Underwood, this amazing artist acquired great fame by winning the fourth season of the reality show American Idol, and since that day her career only goes up, this beautiful song is co-written by her and was released this year.


Out of the darkness, this song is performed by My Indigo, the parallel project of Sharon del Adel, the vocalist of the dutch rock band Within Temptation, she gives his magic and lovely voice and her incomparable talent to a song that is a gift to our ears.


Meaning of Life, this song is performed by Kelly Clarkson, this extraordinary singer with a gifted voice was the first winner of the reality show American Idol, Country, Pop, Pop-Country or Country-Pop, it doesn’t matter, she always captivates us with her great talent,


A way to the Stars, this song is performed by the great Italian rock band Walk in Darkness, from their second album, comes this song in the beautiful and captivating voice of their vocalist Nicoletta Rosellini.

What music can change, become a better person

Human beings coexist with music at all times. It is an art that makes us enjoy pleasant times, it encourages us to remember facts from the past, and it makes us share emotions in group songs, concerts or sports stands. But that which is quite natural, occurs through complex and surprising neuronal mechanisms

Music is considered among the elements that cause most pleasure in life. It releases dopamine in the brain as do food, sex and drugs.

While each person is a world and may like different styles, there is a tendency to think that some types of music are focused or fit more with certain ways of being. According to various scientific studies, there are types of music that make you a more generous, cooperative person, willing to work in teams and with more empathy.

Some people say that music is their best therapist, and in a way they have some reason because it helps us connect with our feelings and memories and often helps us decipher how we actually feel.

Music brings multiple benefits when it comes to our work, as we have pointed out on other occasions. Having music in the office, at home or in your coworking space will provide you with the potential to channel negative emotions and reduce stress, generating well-being and promoting adequate relaxation.

Happy melodies not only make you more pleasant, they can also make you more open to people very different from you. On the other hand, another study reveals that listening to music with pro-equality lyrics improves attitudes and behavior towards women.

When we are listening to a song that is to our liking (no matter what gender) our concentration will increase. For this reason, it would not hurt to occasionally listen to music while we are working. It can also be beneficial for health Music can also be seen as a healer since it benefits us in the treatment of problems related to stress, it helps us improve our memory and with certain pains.

Surely many of you have walked down the street while listening to your favorite song with great emphasis. To what does this feeling give you a sense of eating the world? Well, this is one of the great benefits of listening to music, thanks to music and depending on what we listen to we can generate more self-esteem and can even supply our emotional needs.