The Art Of Dancing

Music is all around us. Whether you are in your car on the way to work, or just waiting patiently in your dentist office, you will definitely hear a piece of music. Music is a magical thing, when our brains hear it, it sparks all kind of feelings and sensations depending on the gender. But not only that, music has also the power of making us move. A pleasant rhythm can make you move your finger or tap your feet against the floor, or it can even lift you from your seat and make you move your whole body. There is no right or wrong way to do it, it is a form of expressing your enjoyment or even expressing anger. Anyway, the truth is that dancing is pure freedom when done for yourself.

A lifestyle

Some people take it a set further and make dancing a lifestyle. These are the people known as dancers, in a professional way. Here we are talking about the beautiful ballerina swinging gracefully across the stage, or the awesome contemporary dancer that can make you cry from all the emotions that it delivers. These extraordinary people expend hundreds of hours perfecting their moves. This takes a lot of hard work and strength, but mostly a lot of heart. They train restlessly until their feats are swollen and hurt, and even then they push a little more. Because they love dancing and they pour their souls and hearts on the stage for their public. The turn dance into an art from.

No matter how old are you or where are you from, you can always enjoy dancing. Its ok to dance in your underwear in your room at 2am in the morning. It is ok to move around to your favorite song when you hear it at the market. It is ok to embrace you partner and share a loving time just swinging around. It is ok to sign your name in that dance lesson you want to do and take dancing to the next level.

Where or How?

Whatever you do it, the important thing is that it feels right to you. You may feel unsure on whether you are moving “the right way”, but there is not such a thing. Dancing, by definition, is just moving your body at the rhythm of music. It doesn’t say when, where or how. So when you hear a song that sends shivers down your spine, just close your eyes and let the music move through you.