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5 Songs that will bring nice thoughts to your mind! Great vibes 2018

The music is a sublime form of art that has been with us since the very beginning of or existance, it is part of our nature, of who we are as human beings, music has been there for us for many years, filling our lives with its magic.


When we listen music we are transported to other places, other times, it can immerses us to lovely and unforgettable old stories and new ones too, the music can touch us very deep in our souls and hearts, it can change our mood and influence our emotions, in fact there is an urban legend regarding the song “Gloomy Sunday” also known as “Hungarian suicide song” because is allegedly connected to several suicides.


Music usually gives us beautiful moments, brings to us all kind of sensations to cherish, fill our minds with nice thoughts, it can transports us to our childhood or to those special moments we treasure most, it can make us feel the essence of other cultures as well, nowadays, songs can be successfully used to learn a foreign language.


Five songs with a great vibe for 2018


The next five songs are beautiful and will fill your mind with peaceful and lovely thoughts, enjoy them.


Parallel lines, this song is performed by the amazing country artist Keith Urban, this performer has given us many beautiful and romantic songs with his warm voice and now, he releases his new single, co-written by the talented and great Ed Sheeran who gave a touch of his unique style to this lovely song.


Cry Pretty, this song is performed by the charming and talented country-pop artist Carrie Underwood, this amazing artist acquired great fame by winning the fourth season of the reality show American Idol, and since that day her career only goes up, this beautiful song is co-written by her and was released this year.


Out of the darkness, this song is performed by My Indigo, the parallel project of Sharon del Adel, the vocalist of the dutch rock band Within Temptation, she gives his magic and lovely voice and her incomparable talent to a song that is a gift to our ears.


Meaning of Life, this song is performed by Kelly Clarkson, this extraordinary singer with a gifted voice was the first winner of the reality show American Idol, Country, Pop, Pop-Country or Country-Pop, it doesn’t matter, she always captivates us with her great talent,


A way to the Stars, this song is performed by the great Italian rock band Walk in Darkness, from their second album, comes this song in the beautiful and captivating voice of their vocalist Nicoletta Rosellini.