Jamaican music the best of it!

Jamaican music: the best of it

We all love music, it’s an infinite world of possibilities, rhythms and options, that is just simply impossible to do not fall in love with at least one single gender. Each single country has his own typical genders which have been part of the history and simple define their people in a very musical way. Jamaica is a country where something really peculiar happens, in a contrary way, their typical music are not a music just simple enjoyable for the Jamaican people, the rhythm, his big stars in history and the way that this type of music jumps the border barriers to make fall in love the whole world, it’s just simple lovely to watch and of course to hear.


We talk about Reggae of course, when we hear it, is just simple impossible to avoid that Jamaican flag that came to our minds, it’s simple, powerful, sticky, really deep and of course really fun, but the best way to describe the Jamaican music it’s hearing it, because of that we create a Jamaican music list, with the best of all times, so you get ready to hear about the king Bob Marley for a really long time.


This legend begun with a single man who made of this full gender as his own, Bob Marley made of this music a lifestyle, since their melody voice, to be able to separate a whole war just simple in a middle of concert, this man it’s a national hero and pride for every single Jamaican around the world. I shot the sheriff is one of those songs that when you hear it eyes close, just simple imagine feel inside the story, and the history behind the lyrics is an even more amazing thing to watch, but that’s your homework.


No woman no cry, another masterpiece of him, a powerful song that remind us that it’s not important to be with someone else, just simple enjoy your happiness or when you use to have it!. One love it’s a good song, but when you realize it was capable to stop a whole haw, makes It simply historical. Marley wasn’t the only exponent of this music, we have to be grateful whit his legacy and artist like Jimmy Cliff with Many Rivers To Cross or You can Get it if you really want, Johnny Nash with I Can See Clearly Now, are amazing examples of Jamaican music.