What music can change, become a better person

Human beings coexist with music at all times. It is an art that makes us enjoy pleasant times, it encourages us to remember facts from the past, and it makes us share emotions in group songs, concerts or sports stands. But that which is quite natural, occurs through complex and surprising neuronal mechanisms

Music is considered among the elements that cause most pleasure in life. It releases dopamine in the brain as do food, sex and drugs.

While each person is a world and may like different styles, there is a tendency to think that some types of music are focused or fit more with certain ways of being. According to various scientific studies, there are types of music that make you a more generous, cooperative person, willing to work in teams and with more empathy.

Some people say that music is their best therapist, and in a way they have some reason because it helps us connect with our feelings and memories and often helps us decipher how we actually feel.

Music brings multiple benefits when it comes to our work, as we have pointed out on other occasions. Having music in the office, at home or in your coworking space will provide you with the potential to channel negative emotions and reduce stress, generating well-being and promoting adequate relaxation.

Happy melodies not only make you more pleasant, they can also make you more open to people very different from you. On the other hand, another study reveals that listening to music with pro-equality lyrics improves attitudes and behavior towards women.

When we are listening to a song that is to our liking (no matter what gender) our concentration will increase. For this reason, it would not hurt to occasionally listen to music while we are working. It can also be beneficial for health Music can also be seen as a healer since it benefits us in the treatment of problems related to stress, it helps us improve our memory and with certain pains.

Surely many of you have walked down the street while listening to your favorite song with great emphasis. To what does this feeling give you a sense of eating the world? Well, this is one of the great benefits of listening to music, thanks to music and depending on what we listen to we can generate more self-esteem and can even supply our emotional needs.